Feb 24, 2015

Hunger Magazine premier ‘The Book of Love’

The official premier for Gavin James video of ‘The Book of Love’ went live today on Hunger Magazine. Check it out here.

Filmed in Oxnam California, the video is an adaptation of a short film by director Sam Benenati, which follows a young boy and the way that he’s shaped by those he loves; from a deceased father to a brother, mother and friend. Benenati explains that “we wanted to explore these different aspects of love in in this tiny microcosm. The song is so universal because we all relate to “the book of love” – it’s everyone’s story. Gavin’s voice is so raw and beautiful, I thought his version of the song was a great match to the tone of the video”

The Book of Love EP will include the Studio Version plus three Remixes and will be released on 23 March.