Jul 1, 2014

New video ‘Beautiful Agony’ from David Gray

David Gray’s new single ‘Beautiful Agony’ went live today on Esquire.com.

Speaking with the magazine David explained “‘Beautiful Agony’ is one of my favourite tracks on the new album, and recording it was a key moment in the making of the record — a turning point. It was only in a very embryonic state when I first brought it into the studio. I had stacks of other, more finished, tunes, but [producer] Andy [Barlow] encouraged me to put all of those to one side and work on this. He sensed that there was something special there, a possibility to go somewhere new sonically, and he was right. I love the sound of it, lots of vocal distortion and tape slap. A quirky little beast indeed.”

‘Beautiful Agony’ is taken from David’s tenth studio album Mutineers.